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Using the Land Registry

(This post is part of an occasional series. It is  on how the UK planning system works and how various government agencies (in this case the Land Registry)  operate within it. There posts are not by planning experts but rather by interested amateurs. They come as-is. Any corrections welcome)

Land Registry LogoIf you are seeking information on a planning application or another property or piece of land, the Land Registry offers some useful services.  But the Land Registry does not get involved directly with planning.

Until quite recently obtaining information as to the ownership of a piece of land was difficult. Further information, regarding that ownership and who may have a Curtailage or charge over the land (i.e. who gets paid big bucks if a development goes ahead) has been nigh on impossible to obtain.

But now that has changed.

You can, for a fairly modest fee, get a copy of the title deeds of just about any property or piece of land within the country. As well as that you can get a plan of the site and also a flood risk indicator. All thanks to the Land Registry.

Access to the Land Registry website is On This LINK

While this is all good news, unfortunately things do seem to have regressed slightly in the last few years. About five years ago (as I remember) the Land Registry has an innovative map option where you could easily identify a property using a Google maps style application. This though appears to have been done way with. Which is a shame.

However there do appear to be companies that offer this service. For obvious reasons their cost is greater than that of the Land Registry itself.

Today identification of a property directly through the Land Registry is either via address or map reference

Before you can obtain any data you have to register (although it is pretty painless as web registrations go), then pay your fee. Then you can download a PDF of the document(s) you have requested.

You usually have to pay for each document. But they all potentially have a great deal of informational value. In all it comes to about £15.00 for the lot. Well worth the money. Especially if you are at a loss as to who actually owns a particular property or piece of land.

Dorset Local Plan Development

The new combined Dorset Council has begun work on a new Dorset-wide Local Plan. This will be the document that guides many aspects of development within the area. It will be valid for at least ten years after publication.

It will include a housing strategy and land bank as well as a development strategy for industrial development.

Particularly it will define the councils future attitude to such local features as Special Character Areas. These were planned to be scrapped in the now defunct EDCC Local Plan. They were only saved because the EDCC was consumed by Dorset Council. The EDCC’s new Local Plan became obsolete before it was published.

While the development of a Local Plan is necessary we must all keep a very close eye on what it contains. As an example the Special Character Areas (as mentioned above) were due to be removed. There was no apparent reason for this except that it appeared to make the planning departments life somewhat easier.

The clause in the EDCC Local Plan authorising this removal was obscure. It amounted to two or three sentences. It was buried deep in the document and could have easily been missed.

Local Plan Vigilance

Whatever we do we must ensure that this document contains no shortcuts or political conveniences that we will all have to live with for at least ten years.

Currently Dorset Council is conducting a “call for sites”. In other words it is inviting developers, agents and land-owners to put forward sites which they would like to develop to meet future demand. The “call for sites” is not only for housing, commercial and industrial land but also for potential sites for gypsies, travellers and traveling show-people.

At this stage the process is completely confidential so it is impossible to know exactly what land has been put forward for what use and when.

Please register with Dorset Council to get updates on this plan and its development. When registered Dorset Council are obliged to send you an email when the process goes forward.

When the SFRA knows more we will make the information public.