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Dog Stolen in West Parley

(Update 22/09/20 – Cookie, the dog stolen in West Parley, has been found! Two men are under arrest on suspicion of theft. Well done to everyone in West Parley and Ferndown for helping the police bring this to a happy conclusion.)

One of the more disturbing side-effects of the lock-down is the rise in the number of stolen dogs. This has been a developing national trend over the last few months and unfortunately West Parley and Ferndown are not exempt. Popular and family friendly breeds are the prime targets.

I think everyone can understand the heartbreak and trauma caused to a family (and especially young children) when such a callous act takes place.

The latest victim in our area is a Cockapoo called Cookie.

Cookie stolen from West Parley
Cookie -Stolen from Longfield Drive 18/09/20 at midday

Cookie was stolen near the owners VW Camper van that was parked in Longfield Drive, West Parley on the 18th September. The van was parked at the corner of Longfield Drive and New Road at midday.

Cookie’s owners are keen to contact anyone who may have seen a Cockapoo or been driving past at that time. They have indicated that they are willing to provide a reward. Cookie is a much loved family member and the families children are distraught.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Cookie please go to This Page or click on Cookie’s picture above . It provides contact details with the owners.

We all hope that Cookie is reunited with her rightful owners in the very near future.

BH Post Code Burglary Rates

You will be pleased to know that the Ferndown area is towards the bottom of the range when it comes to burglary, both nationally and within the Bournemouth or BH post code area. But still, there are safer places. It is perhaps something we should be more concerned about.

A burglary is more than just an anti-social crime it can and often does ruin or blight the lives of those affected. Leaving victims feeling vulnerable and violated.

Out of the 2,402 UK postcode areas, ours ranks as the 1,459th most likely to put in a home insurance claim for burglary. This means that around 60% of UK post code areas have a higher incidence of burglary than we have in Ferndown. Statistically, there is just under a 1% chance of a Ferndown household being burgled in a year.

Here is the league table burglaries in BH post code area.  Malmesbury Park, Charminster, Queens Park, Strouden Park and Townsend share the dubious honour of being the most burgled areas in the Bournemouth and East Dorset.

BH Post Codes Burglary League Table

** Indicates a Ferndown post code. The most prevalent Ferndown post code is BH22

UK Burglary Rank out of 2402Post CodePostal AreaCrimes per 1000 homes
187BH8Malmesbury Park, Charminster, Queens Park, Strouden Park, Townsend30.23
231BH14Lower Parkstone, Lilliput, Penn Hill28.37
238BH7Littledown, Iford28.21
445BH3Talbot Woods, Winton22.14
511BH6Southbourne, Tuckton, Wick20.88
602BH4Westbourne, Branksome Woods19.52
646BH5Boscombe, Pokesdown18.87
708BH9Winton, Moordown, Throop, Muscliff18.02
874BH1Bournemouth town centre, Springbourne, East Cliff, Boscombe15.55
892BH12Branksome, Alderney, Upper Parkstone, Newtown15.31
964BH15Poole town centre, Hamworthy, Oakdale14.56
1,166BH21Wimborne, Ferndown12.30 **
1,173BH11Kinson, Bear Cross, West Howe, Wallisdown12.25
1,229BH10Kinson, Northbourne, Redhill, Ensbury Park, Wallisdown, Ferndown11.65 **
1,429BH2Bournemouth Central, West Cliff9.65
1,459BH22Ferndown, West Moors9.40 **
1,540BH13Canford Cliffs, Sandbanks, Branksome Park8.70
2,034BH17Canford Heath, Creekmoor4.61

BH Post Code Burglary Incidence

The spread of criminality over the BH area is vast. A person in Verwood is nearly 12 times LESS likely to be burgled than someone living in Charminster. While someone living on the West Parley/Ferndown boundary is merely 3 times less likely to be burgled than someone in Charminster.

I suppose we should take comfort in the fact that the worst place for burglary in the country is Digbeth in Birmingham which makes even Charminster look safe with double the Charminster burglary rate.

However complacency is a poor master. The cruel truth is that every burglary in your area affects not only the victim but the insurance rates for everyone else in the area too. We should at least target getting our burglary rate down to that of our neighbours in Verwood.

It is important that we as a community push hard against the tyranny of criminality. We in the SFRA recommend that everyone should actively participate in their local Neighbourhood Watch scheme and also hold the local council and police to account for controlling anti-social behavior and the associated criminality.

Sitting back and just hoping that we won’t be next should not be an option in our community.

If you are not in a BH post code area but would like to know the crime rate in your area try this handy tool on Money Supermarket