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Dog Stolen in West Parley

(Update 22/09/20 – Cookie, the dog stolen in West Parley, has been found! Two men are under arrest on suspicion of theft. Well done to everyone in West Parley and Ferndown for helping the police bring this to a happy conclusion.)

One of the more disturbing side-effects of the lock-down is the rise in the number of stolen dogs. This has been a developing national trend over the last few months and unfortunately West Parley and Ferndown are not exempt. Popular and family friendly breeds are the prime targets.

I think everyone can understand the heartbreak and trauma caused to a family (and especially young children) when such a callous act takes place.

The latest victim in our area is a Cockapoo called Cookie.

Cookie stolen from West Parley
Cookie -Stolen from Longfield Drive 18/09/20 at midday

Cookie was stolen near the owners VW Camper van that was parked in Longfield Drive, West Parley on the 18th September. The van was parked at the corner of Longfield Drive and New Road at midday.

Cookie’s owners are keen to contact anyone who may have seen a Cockapoo or been driving past at that time. They have indicated that they are willing to provide a reward. Cookie is a much loved family member and the families children are distraught.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Cookie please go to This Page or click on Cookie’s picture above . It provides contact details with the owners.

We all hope that Cookie is reunited with her rightful owners in the very near future.


The Barrington Centre is due to close from the 31st March for a complete refurbishment. All tenants have been given notice. Staff have been notified that they will be made redundant. Works are expected to take 6 months and the cost is being met by Dorset Council.Barrington centre. Notice of Closure.

We understand that more details will appear in the Echo from 27th Feb  and this page will be updated when we can.

Barrington Update 3rd March.

The SFRA has asked for an official notification about what is happening to the Barrington but we have not been advised so far.

The Echo reports that staff have been told that they are likely to be made redundant putting 23 local jobs at risk.

The planned works appear to be significant with an extended frontage and improved access to the cafe for the less able.

Also works to improve the toilet facilities are expected.

The SFRA understands that the electrical and water supply systems are not adequate to meet modern demands. These will be upgraded. We also understand that there is a plan to screen films in the main hall with a state of the art projection and sound system. In addition there will be a new sprung floor fitted so that dance activities can take place.

The SFRA welcomes this investment. We hope that it will form part of an on-going strategy to revitalise Ferndown and rescue it from the increasing number of charity shops that are a consequence of the discouragingly high cost that new enterprises face when trying to establish themselves.