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Ringwood Road 30 mph Zone: More News

Back in August the South Ferndown Residents Association (SFRA) reported on the successful implementation of an extension to the 30mph zone in Ringwood road. (Click here to see original report).

This speed limit extension followed a long campaign by both residents and Ferndown Town Councillors. The subsequent consultations with Dorset Highways Agency were productive. Dorset Highways agency listened, did the research and found enough money in the budget to implement the changes.

But there was a hiccup.

In late September, in the comments section of the original SFRA report  Tim Anderson flagged up some serious issues with the implementation.

His comment reads:

This has been terribly managed! Where are the signs warning drivers that the limit has been lowered after the Church road lights? Surely it isn’t legal to just remove the 40 signs and expect us to know they’ve changed it.

Tim was right. There were problems.

Members of the SFRA have over a two year period, built up a good working relationship with what was the EDCC and is now Dorset Council.

Consequently Gary Troman of the South Ferndown Residents Association contacted Mike Potter , the Road Safety Manager at Dorset Highways Agency.

Mike Potter did a survey and confirmed Tim’s observations.

Subsequently Mike wrote to Gary and the SFRA explaining his findings and what would now be done.

His letter (with his permission) is recorded below.

The new 30mph limit on Ringwood Road became effective on 20 September. 
I understand that temporary signs similar to the image below to give people warning were due to be installed… I now know that this isn’t the case and can only apologise.  I have asked that this be reviewed and we install such signs at either end of the new 30mph limit section.  Unfortunately I cannot offer a firm date for when these signs will be installed but we will endeavor to do so soon.

Temprary 30mph speed limit sign

Other permanent signs should have been installed either side of the fixed speed camera… image below.  I do not know if these have been installed.  I will be checking to see if these signs are in place this evening.  If they are not in place I will make arrangements for them to be installed as per initial works order.

30mph speed limit with camera sign

The speed camera is not yet operational to enforce the 30mph limit.  Dorset Police do not routinely enforce newly reduced speed limits to allow for a period of ‘settling in’.
Dorset Police are in the process of upgrading fixed camera sites across Dorset (including BCP council area).  The camera on Ringwood Road will be included within the review and will be set up to enforce the 30mph limit in time.  I do not yet know when this will be.
I hope to be able to resolve your concerns regarding awareness of the new 30mph limit soon.
Thank you

So a pro-active response by a local resident (Tim Anderson) who pointed out significant issues in his comment on the original SFRA article has resulted in those problems being promptly addressed by Dorset Highways.

So thank you Tim!

Without your input which triggered our Gary Troman at the SFRA to report your query to Dorset Highways these problems may have festered for months.

Also thanks to Mike Potter of Dorset Highways for his prompt action on this issue.

Every agency, company and person in the land makes mistakes. The critical measure of their efficiency is how quickly they then address those issues and put them right.

Above all it just goes to show:

When we all work together, things get done!

More Damage to Longham Bridge

Longham bridge was built in the 1850’s and is a wonderful example of Victorian engineering. The bridge is over 160 years old and has adapted to a traffic flow that the designers could never have imagined.

But all is not well.

The bridge is exceptionally well built but it was simply never designed to take articulated trucks weighing many tons. The narrow approaches are almost at right angles to the bridge itself. Large vehicles overlap the oncoming lane as they turn on and off the bridge.

The traffic flow in both directions is often stopped by a maneuvering large vehicle. When two large vehicles try and cross the bridge at the same time space is so tight they have to exercise great care as they pass each other.

The drivers sometimes get it wrong. Then the bridge suffers.

The Latest Damage

Longham Bridge Ferndown Latest Damage
Longham Bridge: The latest damage

The latest damage is to water-works side of the bridge. A vehicle has demolished the corner of the bridge brick pallisade. The amount of damage and the size of the displaced stone-work would indicate that the damage was caused by a very heavy vehicle.

Regular bridge damage is compounded by the fact that the structure is Grade II listed and as such repairs take considerably longer and are more expensive.

This bridge was never designed for heavy vehicles let alone 40 ton articulated monsters 50 feet long. While we can all marvel at the brilliance of the Victorian bridge designers, there desperately needs to be a curtailment of heavy traffic across the bridge. Longham Bridge was simply not designed for what it is being used for.

Besides the continual repairs, the local residents have to ensure high levels of pollution. Local road users also endure thousands of lost hours a years due to the hold ups caused by inappropriate traffic.

The council needs to address the Longham Bridge issue.

We cannot go on like this.