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Copyright Relaxation

You are free to download and duplicate copyrighted text and images owned by South Ferndown Residents Association provided that downloads are solely used for personal or educational purposes. Any downloads must not be used for profit, for commercial use (other than by councils and council members), or for incorporation in any media that is offered ‘for sale’ or otherwise commissioned for payment without the written consent of South Ferndown Residents Association Secretary or Chairman.

Queries and Corrections

If you find a problem we would be grateful if you could tell us along with what device you were using. If you want to contact us to correct any errors etc please email us at


Contributions to this site are usually from residents of Ferndown, West Parley and members of the South Ferndown Residents Association. But all contributions will be considered. No fee is paid for any content.

If you would like to contribute please email us

Privacy Policy

This site does not collect or attempt to collect any private data except from those who wish to contribute to this site’s content or receive the SFRA Newsletter.

After subscribing to the Newsletter a user can unsubscribe by using the link on any of our newsletters or emails relating to the newsletters. A final email will be sent after unsubscription.

Other than that no pages are dependent on you revealing any of your own personal data and no personal data needs to be entered at any stage unless you want to send an email to the webmaster at South Ferndown Residents Association or wish to comment on an article. If you contact us via email, then all you need is a valid email address.

Any email will be regarded as private. Your email address will not be traded or sold. Neither will it be given to anyone else (unless it is the Police!) without your express written permission.

(An example would be forwarding your email to a Councillor or other professional to help with a query you may have. This will only happen with your written consent)

In almost all circumstance your email will only ever be used for a reply (if a reply is appropriate).

If you comment on a post then your chosen name will be published (which may be anonymous if you choose) We will log your IP address and email. However neither of these will be published unless you explicitly and deliberately reveal them yourself by stating them in the text of your comment. In fact even in this case we will (in most circumstances) try and remove them.

While the SFRA are happy to publish contrary comments to both their aims and policies, the decision whether to publish a comment or not rest solely with the discretion of the SFRA. The SFRA will not publish adverts or promotional content masquerading as comments.

This site does set Google Analytics cookies. These cookies are there solely so we can  statistically track site usage. A cookie notice is presented on initial page load to inform users of this fact. Users are anonymous within this site usage data.

If you are concerned about any aspect of your privacy on this site you may contact the site administrator by email at

I hope that just about clears up any privacy issues!

South Ferndown Residents Association.