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Copyright Relaxation

You are free to download and duplicate copyrighted text and images owned by South Ferndown Residents Association provided that downloads are solely used for personal or educational purposes. Any downloads must not be used for profit, for commercial use (other than by councils and council members), or for incorporation in any media that is offered ‘for sale’ or otherwise commissioned for payment.

If you are a registered member of South Ferndown Residents Association and have also registered onto this site you will have access to various documents held in the library. These documents have their own copyright protection which may differ from that of South Ferndown Residents Association. The relevant copyright must be respected.

Queries and Corrections

If you find a problem we would be grateful if you could tell us along with what device you were using. If you want to contact us to correct any errors etc please email us here.


Contributions to this site are mostly from residents of South Ferndown and members of the South Ferndown Residents Association. But all contributions will be considered. No fee is paid for any content.

If you would like to contribute please, email us here.

Privacy Policy

This site does not collect or attempt to collect any private data except from those members of the South Ferndown Residents Association who wish to use the members area of this site. Other than that no pages are dependant on you revealing any of your own personal data and no personal data needs to be entered at any stage unless you want to send an email to the webmaster at South Ferndown residents Association. If you contact us via email, then all you need is a valid email address. Any email will be regarded as private. Your email address will not be traded or sold or given to anyone else (unless it is the Police!). It will only be used for a reply (if a reply is appropriate) If you are concerned about any aspect of your privacy on this site you may either contact the site adminstrator by email here .

I hope that just about clears up any privacy issues!

South Ferndown Residents Association.