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South Ferndown Residents Association

Project Hope – Dorset

Project Hope. Royal Marsden Hospital certificateProject Hope – Dorset is a volunteer organisation. We aim to bring comfort to teenagers diagnosed with all forms of cancer. We are part of the Youth Cancer Trust at Tracy Anne House, Westbourne and provide handmade patchwork quilts.

The quilts become family heirlooms and can be handed down through generations, passing on their message of hope and love.

We have volunteers who meet regularly to design and create quilts, which are then distributed to charities and organisations within the local area, to bring a smile to those dealing with challenges to their lives.

Project Hope – Dorset’s aim is to let each recipient know that someone cares, and the quilt can provide warmth and colour during difficult times.

We have been working with Youth Cancer Trust for a number of years and distribute dozens of quilts each year to hospitals throughout the country and to Tracy Ann House itself.

Project Hope Quilts
Embroidered Quilts by Project Hope


Operation Snap Launches In Dorset

Dorset AlertOperation Snap launches in Dorset

A secure website that allows the public to upload video and photos of driving incidents

Dorset Police has announced the launch of Operation Snap, a secure online portal through which members of the public can upload dashcam or otherwise filmed video and digital photographs of road traffic incidents which they have witnessed.

The facility was produced with the support of the Department for Transport (DfT)

Chief Inspector Adrian Leisk, head of Alliance Roads Policing, said: “We have been receiving complaints from members of the public about dangerous and anti-social driving for some time, and there is a significant demand for a facility such as Operation Snap.

“It allows us to effectively deal with digital footage and photos of traffic offences in a safe and secure way, whilst making the investigation process simple and straightforward for the police and members of the public.

“Dorset Police has a determined and robust approach to policing the roads in our force area and will take every opportunity to make them safer for everyone.

“Operation Snap is just such an opportunity as it increases the likelihood of the dangerous, careless or inconsiderate driver being caught. Driver education or penalties applied because of evidence submitted to Operation Snap helps to modify driver behaviour.”

The secure portal can be accessed via the force website:

The public are urged to read fully the extensive question and answer section (FAQs) on the website before uploading digital material, and also to remember the following:

The secure form is for traffic offences, it is NOT for submitting footage of road traffic collisions or any other offences, or for parking issues.
They must be able to provide the registration number of the offending vehicle.
They should be prepared to sign a witness statement and possibly give evidence in court.
Statements for Operation Snap can only be accepted from persons aged 18 or over. If you are under 18 the incident should be reported by email to
Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill said: “I’m very pleased there has been a sustained drop in the number of people killed or seriously injured on Dorset’s roads over the last seven years and I hope this system will provide yet another tool to help us continue to make our roads even safer, by empowering responsible motorists to help the police take dangerous drivers off the road.”

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Adrian Lowes (Dorset Police, Neighbourhood Alert Assistant, Dorset)