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A348 Traffic Corridor Study Underway

The A348 traffic problems have prompted the newly formed Dorset County Council to start a A348 Corridor Study. They appointed a program manager just before Christmas. Local transport officers from DCC, Poole and Bournemouth councils are meeting up regularly with the program manager. We should know more in a few weeks.

An A348 traffic modelling exercise is also underway to forecast traffic growth from the allocated housing and nearby employment sites. Any sites indicated in the East Dorset Local Plan options consultation which could impact on the A348 are also being taken into account.

The outcome of this modelling excercise will feed into the study as it is likely to identify congestion hot spots and flag-up specific issues along the corridors.

We expect that Longham bridge will be top of the list!

A Walk through Longham Lakes

Just off the A358 and away from the chaos of Juggernauts and cars lie two large beautiful lakes.

The lakes at Longham were originally gravel pits. After the extraction of the gravel they there then turned into a standing reservoir ready to back up the existing slocal water supply in case of a major failure or drought.

The smaller of the two lakes is used for fishing while the larger is mainly reserved as a fine habitat for birds. A small island at one end forms a safe zone for nesting birds away from foxes, cats and other marauders.