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A Walk through Longham Lakes

Just off the A358 and away from the chaos of Juggernauts and cars lie two large beautiful lakes.

The lakes at Longham were originally gravel pits. After the extraction of the gravel they there then turned into a standing reservoir ready to back up the existing slocal water supply in case of a major failure or drought.

The smaller of the two lakes is used for fishing while the larger is mainly reserved as a fine habitat for birds. A small island at one end forms a safe zone for nesting birds away from foxes, cats and other marauders. (more…)

Council Elections 2nd May 2019

Elections to the new combined authority along with elections to local Parish Councils will take place on the 2nd May.

A list of those standing will be posted here in the near future.

Remember voting is important (even if it is to spoil your ballot paper). These elections will define the direction of the new Dorset Council for the next five years.

Some parish Council areas have less candidates standing than there are seats. In these there will be no vote. If there are too few candidates to fill the seats then those that are nominated get elected without a ballot.