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Ferndown Links: By-election Result

The Ferndown Links by-election result has been announced. The by-election was held on the 18th Jul 2019. The result was as follows:

Ferndown Links: By-election Result

Roland JENKINS (Independent Links Ward Resident) 112 votes.
Ann Josephine MILLER (Independent a Voice for Ferndown Residents) 202 votes.

Our congratulations to Mrs Miller on her victory and our commiserations with Mr Jenkins.

We are lucky to live in an area where two candidates are so committed to the locality that they are willing to contest a by-election.

Unfortunately in the country as a whole contested town/parish council by-elections are a rarity. This is because if a council seat becomes vacant, at best, only one candidate comes forward. Sometimes nobody comes forward at all. Often (like in nearby West Parley) Parish Council seats are left empty. There are literally thousands of empty town/parish council seats across the country.

The only down side to the contest in Ferndown Links ward was the (predictably) poor turn-out of only 11%.

Possibly this is due to people not being aware the election is going on. Or being unsure if they can actually vote in it.

If such a by-election occurs again then the SFRA will re-double its efforts to publicize such an event.

While the SFRA is a non-political organization it does have a deep commitment to ensuring there is the fullest possible participation from Ferndown Residents in local democracy.

The formal election result notice from Dorset Council is On This LINK


Ferndown Badgers – with cubs!

Our Ferndown Badgers came the other night and brought along this years cubs to introduce them to our location and the night time treats.

Mating takes place between February and May, with implantation delayed until late winter. Normally only one female badger in the group breeds, although occasionally two or more may do so.

Litters of 2-3 cubs are born around February blind and hairless in the safety of the nest. They usually appear above ground at around 8 weeks, and weaning usually takes about 12 weeks.

So these are probably around 3 months old. By late summer they are usually feeding independently, we are not sure on their sex but they appear healthy,very lively and playful!

Here’s a link to an earlier post with video just featuring the adult Badgers.

Video of Badgers in Angel Lane Ferndown