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Care Home Appeal Rejected

The application for a care home on the site of 180 Ringwood Road (Next to the Angel Inn) has been rejected on Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

The site, currently occupied by a bungalow, is relatively small and was always contentious being next to a public house, in close proximity to housing and located on a busy road with potentially risky access.

We live in an area which already feels overrun with care homes with more being built . Therefore most residents will see this as a victory for common sense.

However, the refusal ultimately hinged on the local environment in that “the proposal would be contrary to CS Policy ME1 and those parts of the Framework that seek to protect, maintain and enhance the condition of European Sites and SSSIs”. All of the other considerations raised by the locality seem to have been discounted as not “decisive” and but for the above it is likely that this application would have succeeded.

Nevertheless, the community rose as one to combat this application so thanks are due to  EDDC Planning Dept, Ferndown Town Council and to the residents and businesses for vehemently opposing this proposal from day 1 and through all of its stages.

Witness Confident – Do the Right Thing. It’s Self-Evident .

For lots of reasons many residents in Ferndown do not like to report crime – this could include  fear of retribution, having the Police come round to your house, do you have the time to get involved and is it worth bothering?  Well there is now an easy way to do this and send photographic evidence using  your phone and a free app called “Self Evident” which has been designed and released by the Witness Confident Charity.

See their Website –

Self Evident is a free, convenient and effective way for people across England & Wales to engage with the police. With 28,000 registered users already, the app is used every day to report crime and capture digital evidence.

Self Evident makes it easy for you to

  • file a crime report with the police from your smartphone
  • send the police photo and video evidence,
  • record a reliable statement,
  • keep a secure record of your report and evidence, and
  • validate the evidence you have captured.

Watch the Met Police tutorial video below to see how easy the app is to use.

What users say

“You can show when and where you were and attach photos”

“It’s really helpful you can describe the event and capture the emotion of what happened”

“It gives you confidence. It’s almost like having a witness with you”

Read full case studies

Met Police report on Self Evident

In its comprehensive report on the App, the Met Police found that…

“Since launch Self Evident has succeeded in

  • Becoming the leading, most practical crime reporting app on Android & Apple
  • Crucially assisting the public & Police to capture & exhibit evidence with ease
  • Saving Police time & reducing the barrier to reporting by creating a solution to the digital incapability of Police services
  • Allowing for better triaging of reports entering Police systems
  • Being recognised by the CPS as a secure & legitimate evidence provider
  • Providing Police officers evidence required to arrest & charge suspects
  • Securing convictions at court, based on evidence gathered on Self Evident”

Following his manifesto pledge in 2012 to “develop a crime-reporting app for smartphones, allowing the public to immediately report crimes using their smartphone, including pictures and footage, and making it faster and easier to report crimes,” London Mayor Boris Johnson praised Self Evident in 2016 because it helps “increase reporting even further, boosting confidence, reducing repeat offences and helping victims get the support they need.”

Download Self Evident for free for iPhone and Android.

The app is a simple and secure way for victims and witnesses report any non-emergency crime, whether it’s anti-social behaviourburglarychild abusecriminal damagedomestic violenceforgeryfraudharassmenthate crimemuggingpolice misconductrobberysex crimestalkingstreet violenceterrorism or theft.