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Ferndown Community Coronavirus Support Group

Ferndown Community Coronavirus Support group logoA new Facebook has been set up. It is expressly aimed at Ferndown residents and businesses. It is the Ferndown Community Coronavirus Support Group.

This Facebook group has been set up with the express aim of helping the local community adapt to the changing daily circumstances we all face as we fight the Covid19 pandemic.

Their mission statement reads as follows:

“To provide physical and emotional support to those who are or may feel socially isolated as a result of the current COVID-19 virus outbreak.”

Over one thousand individuals and businesses have joined the group since the 15th March. While it is a private group it is open to local residents on application. This application process is simply a device to exclude those who would otherwise seek to exploit the group for personal gain. The group welcomes both local individuals and local businesses and those with an family or other similar interest in Ferndown.

Joining this group is highly recommended.

Local Ferndown Town Councillor Mandy Willis is involved with the group along with Cathy Lugg and Mike Parkes from Dorset Council. However it is worth emphasizing that this group set up and run by local residents committed to supporting the community. It is not associated with Ferndown Town Council or West Parley Parish Council.

How to Join Ferndown Community Coronavirus Support Group

If you have a Facebook account just navigate to the group Facebook page.

Their URL is ….

Click the link “+ Join Group” is all you have to do. You will be quickly vetted when your application is received. Unless you are some form of rogue you will be accepted. You will receive an email when you are admitted.

The Ferndown Community Coronavirus Support Facebook page is a mine of information. Scroll through the posts and you will find many local businesses that will deliver food. There is even a spreadsheet (hat tip to Claire Johnson) listing all the local businesses that have stepped up to provide food and services during this difficult time.

During these difficult times we all need mutual support. Ferndown Community Coronavirus Support is one of the excellent new community based vehicles providing this support to us all.

Tesco’s “Bags of Help” – supporting your local Speedwatch Group

Ron Cross, Speedwatch Coordinator, has provided some terrific news. This support by Tesco Stores endorses this community project which is designed to improve safety on local roads .  Please consider using your token to support this excellent initiative.

“Dear Resident

Within the last few days our community group has received some exciting news, in that our application for funding from the TESCO ‘Bags of Help’ scheme has been approved for in store promotion.

This means we will be put forward to a customer vote (using the blue tokens) in TESCO stores between 1st April and 30 June 2020. Depending on how many votes we receive we could receive up to £2,000 and are assured at least £500. Last June at the Ferndown Fete, 96% of local residents surveyed supported our community service and we hope many local residents will give us their vote.

We will appear in five local TESCO stores, namely Ferndown Superstore, Glenmoor Rd Express, West Moors Express, Verwood Express and Poulner Express.

The funds we receive will enable us to evolve and hopefully help more local residents concerned about speeding motorists in their neighborhoods. If we receive one of the larger sums we may even be able to help the town fund a Speed Indicator Device (SID) which could be rotated around to various speeding hot spots. As you know many towns and villages in Dorset operate a SID and they are a proven way of slowing most speeding motorists. Therefore, with Ferndown being the largest inland town in Dorset we believe making greater use of speed indicator devices would make a huge difference in helping to keep our roads safe.

Dorset Police have kindly offered to run a promotion in the press shortly before we appear in stores, but if you could please add a note to your website and do anything else to possibly promote our service that would be brilliant. We just need to attract as many votes as possible!

Kind regards,  Ron”