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About this Section

South Ferndown Residents Association (SFRA) is a non-political body. However the SFRA is very keen to support and enhance local democracy. Consequently we hope to interview all Ferndown Town Councillors and West Parley Parish Councillors as time goes on. We want to find out what their concerns are and what motivates them in their quest to improve the area.

The questions are non confrontational and seek a constructive dialogue with Councillors in order to improve both the public’s perception of what town/parish Councillors do as well as allow the Councillor in question the opportunity to expound on their motivations and goals.

The questions (which the councillor may add to) and the answers are agreed as acceptable by both parties before publication. Specifically, the SFRA wish to avoid negativity and animosity in the Q & A session. No Q & A will be published without the joint agreement of both he Councillor and the SFRA.

Councillor Mandy Willis has kindly allowed herself to be our first interviewee. We would like to express out thanks to her for allowing herself to be out interview guinea-pig. If you are a Councillor and would like to participate in this Q& A session please see Councillor Willis’ Q &A session in “Councillor Goals” sub menu under menu item “Council Information”. While any/all of the questions may differ from Councillor Willis’ the constructive non confrontational tone of questions and answers should remain.