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Ferndown: Community Speed Watch & Early Morning Dangers

The local Ferndown Community Speed Watch team have recently been analyzing traffic speed in the early morning. They have made some alarming discoveries.

It can be tempting first thing in the morning to ignore speed limits. Especially if it looks like the road is clear. But it is exactly one of the worst times of day for road traffic accidents. Some research done in Australia in 2013 on traffic accidents by time of day showed a rapidly rising accident rate from the very early morning lows. The accident rate peaked at 8am at double the daily hourly average accident rate. Just under 10% of all daily accidents occurred during this very narrow early morning window.

car accidents by time
Graph taken from The Guardian: Link below

(Graph from here)

In Ferndown the local speed watch group recently performed an early morning analysis of traffic speed along Ringwood road. They operated between 06:50 to 07:50. Which would be time from the above data where the accident rate would be rising to its peak.

The spokesman for the local Speed Watch group described what they found.

Ringwood Road 06:50-07:50

This morning we carried out a session on the Ringwood Road, diagonally across from the Citroen garage. This location is being used on a trial basis and today, our second session here, we did between 0650 hrs to 0750 hrs. The results were staggering. As it was a trial and at a time too early for most, there was only three of us. Could certainly have done with two speed guns and two more pairs of eyes.

In the hour, we logged 56 motorists travelling in excess of 36 mph. This is nearly one per minute. There were many more, but they could not log them all! The worst of the ones we logged was doing 43 mph with an additional 14 doing a speed over 40 mph. We clocked a motorcycle doing 65 mph but were unable to get the registration due to the speed and that he had a non standard number plate. So of the 954 cars that went past us, 6% were doing a speed in excess of 36 mph.

Clearly while the roads may appear empty at the start of the working day, they are not. With many people beginning the day (and possibly not as switched on as they should be) it would be wise to keep your speed within the limit on Ferndown’s busy roads.

By speeding and increasing the risk to everyone (including yourself) you will at best shave a few seconds off your journey. At worst you could shorten the available time to react to a situation and end up with a life-time of regret.

Community Speed Watch.

The local Community Speed Watch team has an emphasis on reducing the risk to the locality from speeding. But they also monitor all traffic problems within our area. They closely liaise with the police over related safety issues. They are a local group doing their bit to reduce the risk of road accidents to the local community. If you would be interested in lending a hand with gathering the data they present to the police they would be very interested in hearing from you.

Interested to know more?

In the first instance send an email to and we will pass over your contact details to the local Community Speed Watch team. They will be in touch.

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