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Ferndown Town Council: Vacancy For a Councillor.

There is a vacancy for a Town Councillor on Ferndown Town Council. This occurred due to the resignation of one of the Councillors representing Ferndown Central Ward. This has caused what is known as a casual vacancy on the council. Here’s the Ferndown Town Council website page describing the vacancy.

Also Ferndown Town Council have prepared a poster advertising the post. It can be found On This Link

The casual vacancy was first advertised for 2 weeks from February 17th. No candidates came forward. So the council must now try and fill the empty seat with a volunteer.

Who to Contact

If you would like to be considered for this position then contact the Ferndown Town Council clerk on 01202 892249 or email

The closing date for applications is Tuesday 15th June 2021 at 5pm.

Your politics are irrelevant to filling this position. If there were to be more than one candidate the selection must be done (and shown to be done) on merit.

If there were to be only one candidate then it would be highly unusual for that candidate to be rejected. Just as long as the applicant could show they met the criteria for appointment.


The actual requirements to qualify as an applicant are set out fully in this Ferndown Town Council Document.

Basically, if you are British/Commonweath/EU citizen, have lived/worked in Ferndown for 12 months and are over 18, then you are eligible. So if you are prepared to commit some of your spare time to council business, there is a very strong possibility that you will be accepted. You can fill this Ferndown Councillor vacancy.

Why Finding a Councillor is Important

Ferndown is an unusual Town/Parish council. It displays a healthy democracy. At election time almost all of the seats are contested. Regrettably most Town/Parish council seats across the country are filled either by default (i.e. only one candidate at election time) or as casual vacancies. If they are filled at all.

A large minority of Town/Parish councils across England have long standing casual vacancies. These councils have been unable to fill the empty council seats. There are actually cases (even in Dorset) where literally nobody put themselves forward for the Town/Parish council.

When a Town/Parish council gets weakened by lack of Councillors it rapidly loses control of some of the anonymous yet very important tasks it has to perform on behalf of the locality. The locality suffers.

So let’s keep Ferndown Town Council fully populated.

If you are up for it, give it a go.

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