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Hurn Incinerator: Here are our Councillors Objections.

We gather the team at Christchurch planning department are having a very busy time processing all the objections to this horrific planning proposal. So we thought we would sift through the mountain of objections and find those from County Councillors and West Parley Parish Council. Here they are below  There is also the objection from the SFRA as well for your perusal.

Hurn Incinerator: Councillors Objections

Our County Councillors presented a united front in opposition to this scheme. They submitted a joint objection signed by them all.

The PDF document is available for download on This Link . It has been submitted by the following Ferndown and West Parley County Councillors.

  • Cllr Cathy Lugg – Dorset Council, Ferndown North.
  • Cllr Mike Parkes – Dorset Council, Ferndown North.
  • Cllr Julie Robinson – Dorset Council, Ferndown South.
  • Cllr Rod Adkins – Dorset Council, Ferndown South.
  • Cllr Andrew Parry – Dorset Council, West Parley.

Hurn Incinerator: West Parley Parish Councillors Objections

West Parley Parish Council have also submitted a strong objection and their submission is available on This Link.

(Note: in order to ensure as many readers can access this document as possible we have changed the file from docx to pdf but the wording is unchanged).

Hurn Incinerator: Ferndown Town Councillors Objections

(Update 30/05/2021)

Ferndown Town Council issued a comment on the proposal on the 25th May. While this is outside of the stipulated end date for the consultation, it appears that it has been accepted by BCP planning.

The full text of their comment (which is more of an objection than a comment) is on This Link

Hurn Incinerator: The SFRA Objection

The SFRA response was submitted a couple of days ago. It is also a PDF and is available for download on This Link.

When it comes to objections to the Hurn incinerator, Councillors objections carry a lot of weight. But added to them are around 300 more objections from concerned citizens in Ferndown and West Parley. In fact the number of objections from Ferndown and West Parley is more than the objections from elsewhere.

In total (so far) we reckon there are around 600 objections. No wonder the Christchurch planning office of BCP council is busy!

We would like to congratulate everyone who has raised their head above the parapet in defence of this rather lovely part of the world.

Regrettably it has to be said that Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council appear to have acted in bad faith over this planning application. Neither West Parley Parish Council nor Ferndown Town Council were formally consulted. Our County Councillors were in the dark too.

Of course, it is very difficult to object to a planning application when you do not know about it.

We hope it is not true, but we can see why some people have cynically suggested that BCP were attempting to smuggle this application through under the covers. In the hope nobody would notice.

Clearly, if that were to be the case, they were sorely mistaken.

We can assure Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council and anyone else whom it may concern that the Ferndown and West Parley residents are on their case. They will remain so until this monstrosity is irrevocably filed in the box marked “Rejected”.

It is Still Not too Late to Object

Want to object? But think you’ve missed the boat? No! You haven’t.

You can still log an objection with Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Planning department over this until (we believe) the end of the month.

Just send an email to

In the email make sure you:

• Identify yourself with your name and address.
• State the word “Objection” clearly in bold
• Make sure identify “Planning application: 8/21/0207/FUL Hurn incinerator”

Then list your objections. Even one line is better than nothing. Look on the BCP planning site on This Link. See what others have written to get some inspiration if you need it!

Make your voice count.

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