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Hurn Incinerator: It’s still not too Late to Object on Tuesday

The consultation period for the proposed Hurn incinerator ends today Tuesday 11/05/21.

But what time exactly does it end? You may ask.

The answer to that is when the BCP planning office closes for the day. (around 16:30) So, if you have not yet raised your objection to the Hurn incinerator yet there is still a chance to do it on-line now.

Here is The Link you need to go to to make an objection. Whatever the time – give it a try.

But what if the on-line consultation has ended?

There is still one more route left to raising an objection. By email. Write you objection in an email (or as an attachment to an email) and send it to:

In the email make sure you:

  • Identify yourself with your name and address.
  • State the word “Objection” clearly in bold
  • State “Planning application: 8/21/0207/FUL Hurn incinerator”

Then list your objections. As stated above even one line is better than nothing. Make your voice count.

Oh – And do it now! Soon it really will be too late!

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  1. Carl Huggett Carl Huggett May 14, 2021

    This must be elegal they cannot just put up an incinerator without people being told about this . People have to be able to protest against this it will bring down the prices of the property’s around the incinerator

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