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Hurn Waste Incinerator: An Update.

In our last post (HERE) on the planned Hurn waste incinerator we detailed how residents can raise an objection to this utterly disgraceful planning application. We also sought to update residents on the responses (so far) from their representatives on Ferndown Town Council and West Parley Parish Council.

County Councillors

Unfortunately we neglected to mention the actions being taken by our local County Councillors. The SFRA have been informed that they are in fact, working together to produce a comprehensive objection to the Hurn waste incinerator in order to defend the locality from this appalling planning application.

Everyone in Ferndown and West Parley will be very pleased to hear this. We apologise for missing them off the post and look forward to reading their submitted response in due course.

We also now understand that the reason Ferndown Town Council have not yet responded to this planning application was due to a procedural problem that occurred when the matter was flagged up to them by a resident who then failed to attend the meeting.

Hopefully that this issue has now been sorted out and Ferndown Town Council can produce a suitable objection in the limited time remaining.

We would suggest that a lack of a response from Ferndown Town Council would send exactly the wrong message to the BCP planning officer.

We are planning to run a series of posts on the progress of this planning application and will be highlighting the best objections from local residents, maybe with a prize! (to be announced). We will also be reporting on the published responses from our County Councillors and Town/Parish Councils/Councillors as well.

All responses to this planning application are publicly available on the BCP website (with a few days delay for updates) You can in fact have a look now on This Link. (accept the copyright disclaimer then select the documents tab and scroll down). It is in fact the same link you can use to lodge your own objection.

Plume Plotter

One of the SFRA committee members (Well done Tim) also came across an excellent website that graphically details the potential pollution plume from all existing and proposed industrial incinerators (including the proposed Hurn waste incinerator). The website is called

This site graphically illustrates the impact of the plume of gases and particulate matter over an area.

A plumes direction and size is of course dictated by weather conditions. Here below an example though taken from a Twitter post from 14/04/21 for Parley.

plumeplotter Parley Incinerator
The plume we would have got on 14/04/21 if this facility was operational

Have a look yourself at the current status of a potential plume from this proposed Incinerator. It’s on This Link. Remember the weather defines how far it stretches.

Make Sure Your Objection to the Parley Incinerator Counts

We are very pleased to hear that our local representatives are taking this matter seriously. But we still urge residents to lodge an objection. Every objection is a nail on the coffin of this monster.

Make sure you are one of the nails.

The previous post (HERE) listed some ideas that you may like to include in your objection. But your own objection (or objections) are perfect.

To lodge an objection click This Link then accept the copyright notice to go to the objection page.

p.s. To whom it may concern: The SFRA NEVER relies on Social Media Tittle Tattle to inform it’s posts.

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