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Hurn Waste Incinerator: Ferndown Town Council Drops the Ball?

This post was initially written on the 06/05/21. Since then we are very pleased to report that Ferndown Town Council issued a comment/objection to the waste incinerator on the 25/05/21. While this is outside the consultation period which ended on the 11/05/21 we understand it has been accepted by BCP planning. Their objection can be found on This Link.

We live in a country already with excess waste incinerator capacity. There is no need for more waste incinerators. Even if you think that incineration of waste is a good/acceptable idea.

There is no reason (greed and political expediency excepted) for building an industrial waste incinerator anywhere close to human habitation. Yet that is what is being proposed. There is a planning application to build an industrial waste incinerator at Hurn. Literally right on Ferndown’s doorstep.

It will be situated on the edge of Ferndown and about 500 yards from Ferndown golf course. It will in fact be less than a mile from Ferndown town centre.

Whole swathes of Ferndown (including all of the Lone Pine Park area, parts of Golf Links Road and a large section of West Parley will all be less than one mile from this monstrosity and it’s fumes.

But those fumes and particulate matter will travel far further.

It is noticeable that this development is (as far as BCP is concerned) about as far away from their population as they can put it.

Siting such a site right on the doorstep of densely populated areas of Ferndown and West Parley is frankly immoral and disgraceful. The fact that this application has actually got to the stage of a formal planning application is beyond belief.

It has also been successfully kept quiet. In the planning application the term “Incinerator” is never used. The whole document is positively soggy with Green-wash.

West Parley Parish Council along (presumably) with Ferndown Town Council were apparently not even invited by BCP to comment on this incinerator. But West Parley Parish Council has submitted comments. Whether BCP like it or not. (Good on WPPC)

Yet what about Ferndown Town Council? With the centre of Ferndown being one mile from the thing, you would expect that they would have plenty to say.

But no. Not a word. Silence. Evidently they have decided NOT to comment!

Even if they thought this thing was benign, due to it’s nature, surely we should expect some form of statement? But no. So far there is nothing. Let alone an objection on behalf of the residents. We hope this is an oversight (or simply a late response) and will be corrected by Tuesday.

Until then it is up us the residents. We all have the right to object so click the link below and register your disapproval before it is too late.

There are only a few days left to object to this proposal. The consultation ends on Tuesday 11/05/21 presumably at midnight. We recommend all Ferndown and West Parley residents to object in the strongest possible terms.

This Link takes you through to this BCP planning application (via a copyright notice first) where you can log your objection. There’s a few ideas below to mix in with your own as you think fit.

Ideas for objections to the Waste Incinerator.

1. The closeness of the plant to high density housing. It is far too close. (approx. one mile)

2. There is no necessity for more incinerators. There is national over-capacity.

3. The negative affects incineration has on recycling rates (graph below)

4. See report “The Health Affects of Waste Incinerators” by the British Society of Ecological Medicine. Take your pick from the appalling catalogue of health impacts in the Executive Summary.

5. The extra traffic on already heavily overloaded roads, all driving through built up and heavily populated areas.

6. Incinerators are poor neighbours. They emit foul odours, noise and light pollution. (See This Link for many of the problems and a list of example problem sites.) These sites have a poor record of compliance to National standards.

7. The site is actually in the airport and adds a significant hazard to aviation.

8. The application is disingenuous and avoids terms like “incinerator” which give the game away. It appears the applicant wishes to avoid as much scrutiny as possible.

9. Neither Ferndown Town Council nor West Parley Parish Council were formally invited to comment on this application by BCP even though they are the closest and heavily inhabited areas to this scheme. Which again strongly suggests that scrutiny has been inadequate and BCP is a acting as a bad neighbour.

9. The application is cloaked in fake “environmentalism”. Friends of the Earth has a blanket objection to more incinerators and has actually published a anti-incinerator document and campaign scheme. The Campaign to Protect Rural England and many other true environmental organisations have objected to similar schemes even when the scheme is actually considerably further away from dwellings like this one at nearby Portland

10. Incinerators are little better than coal when measured by how much Carbon Dioxide they emit. They also emit many other noxious chemicals.

Readers replies to this post

Incinerator carbon intensity


  1. Gerro Gerro May 6, 2021

    Another controversial project dumped in East Dorset. Along with all the housing proposals Ferndown is destined to become another massively populated area with air quality issues.
    It seems East Dorset a victim of all development while remaining Dorset continues in its rural comfort!

  2. Jeffrey Richardson Jeffrey Richardson May 7, 2021

    Is this some kind of joke? An incinerator about a mile from the town centre!! Why have Ferndown town council had nothing to say? Vested interests??

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