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PCC Elections May 6th – Where to Vote in Ferndown

There is an up-coming election for the Police and Crime Commissioner on May 6th. While there are few other elections taking place in Dorset this time, this PCC election is very important. It will influence the direction of policing in Dorset for the next four years. We described the candidates and put links to their campaign website in This Post HERE

All registered Ferndown electors can vote at their respective polling stations (more below) As well as this, there is a Ferndown Town Council by-election taking place for the Central Ward.

Often people lose track of where their voting station is, especially if they are new to the area or are not overly interested in politics. The result is that they suffer a large disincentive to voting. The result is local democracy suffers.

But finding out where your polling station is is as easy as entering your post code!

Both the Electoral Commission and the Democracy Club have websites where all you have to do is enter your postcode into a box and then it will display not only the address of your polling station but a map on how to get there too! Polling stations are open from 7am through to 10pm.

Click on one of these links then enter your postcode. It is as simple as that.

Electoral Commision post code checker.

Democracy Club post code checker.

Both postcode checkers use the same database and are accurate and reliable.

Remember you do NOT need to have the polling card that was sent through the post in order to vote. If you have lost/mislaid it it makes no difference. You can still vote in the PCC elections. Turn up and give your name and address. That’s all you need to do.

Local democracy is often the poor relation when it comes to people going out to vote. But local democracy is very important. It arguably has a greater direct impact on the locality than national government does.

Plus: If you don’t vote – you can’t complain!

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