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Unprovoked Yarn Bombing in West Parley

The locals in South Ferndown’s neighbouring patch of West Parley are intrigued. A mysterious (and rather lovely) Yarn bombing has taken place. (if you don’t know what a Yarn Bombing is Read this link).

In the dead of night (or so we suppose) the GYBMWP (Guerilla Yarn Bombing Movement of West Parley) carried out a daring and audacious raid on a Pillar Box in Chine Walk. It is unknown whether the Police have been informed or whether the SAS have been put on stand-by.

Here is the result:

Yarn Bombing West Parley
The Yarn Bombing in Chine Walk

A close up (below) reveals  the true nature of this Yarn Bombing attack. Obviously Easter themed, this Woolly scene has been held responsible for putting a smile on the faces of many passing this post box.

West Parley yarn bombing close up
Yarn Bombing close up

Fancy that. Making people smile in these troubled times.

Where will it end?

So who is the secretive GYBMWP?

More to the point, who precisely in the neighbourhood has the the time and skill to perform such a revolutionary act? Is this an isolated incident? Or is it merely the first strike from a County wide movement?


Do you know who has perpetrated this random act of unprovoked kindness?

Have they struck anywhere else?

Who exactly is responsible for this West Parley Yarn Bombing?

Is Ferndown next?

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