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Ferndown and West Parley Councillors and the Dorset Local Plan

It is nice to have a little good news about the Dorset Local Plan. Even though it is early days, it does appear our Ferndown and West Parley Councillors on Dorset Council are going to fight the Ferndown and West Parley corner.

Often people have a jaundiced view of local government and especially how much (or how little) commitment their local Councillors give to their locality.

So we are very happy to applaud the joint statement made by Ferndown and West Parley Councillors regarding the travesty of a Local Plan that Dorset Council are promoting.

It does seem that our local Councillors are up for a fight on our behalf.

Their full statement is on this Facebook page. It is lengthy, detailed and unequivocally supports the viewpoint most sane people have. A viewpoint that opposes the destruction of the local Green Belt. A viewpoint that opposes Dorset Council’s arbitrary and often phantom targets and quota’s. This statement essentially is a copy of the response these local Councillors have put in to the Dorset Local Plan consultation that ended last Monday. We recommend that all residents read it.

We would like to applaud the signatories and maybe you would too. I expect it would make a very pleasant change for a Councillor to receive an email offering a little praise and agreement!

Show Your Support

If you feel so inclined after reading the Facebook post above, why not spend 3 minutes just showing your support.

This is a long fight and we are just at the start. But so far, our local Councillors appear to have met the challenge. Lets all give them the support to make sure they keep it up. Here are the Dorset Councillors for Ferndown and West Parley. Their email address is under their contact information.

Councillor Cathy Lugg (Ferndown North)

Councillor Mike Parkes (Ferndown North)

Councillor Julie Robinson (Ferdown South)

Councillor Andrew Parry (West Parley)

We should also mention our local Ferndown Town Councillor Mandy Willis who has been a driving force in questioning the validity of this Local Plan and it’s terrible impact on Ferndown and West Parley. Maybe an email showing our support for her stance may be in order too. Here’s her Ferndown Town Council email address


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