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Only a Few Days left to Save the Green Belt

There are only a few days left to send in a response to Dorset Council about their irresponsible and dogmatic proposals to build on Green belt land in Ferndown and elsewhere. If we are going to save the green belt the time is now. The consultation ends on the 15th March.

Here’s what you need to do. Try and do it now! Or soon! Do not let this drift or you will run out of time. If you are short of a few ideas then try some from This Post or This Post.

You can spend as much or as little time on this as you feel appropriate. There is no “mandatory” questions to answer beyond giving your name and address details. A 90 second response is much better than nothing. Make you voice heard.

You can do this on-line, by email or by post.


If you do it on-line then you will need to Go to this URL (opens in a separate tab)

We have a Pictorial Walk-Through HERE on how to use this on-line form to save the green belt. It is on this link. Have a quick look. The walk through shows you how to register and takes you directly to the comment areas for the Ferndown sites.

Email or Post

If you want to reply by email or post you will need the relevant sections of their response form. The full form is directly and immediately available from us on THIS LINK. Note: if you plan responding on more than one site or one strategic areas you may need more Part A‘s and Part B‘s and Part C‘s. Just click on the link and download as many as you want. Then either post them in or scan and attach to an email

The Green Belt IS at Severe Risk

Once the Green Belt is lost it is lost forever. The only way to stop this is to collectively express our outrage at what Dorset Council is planning.

Make sure you have your say. Fill in the form today!

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