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How to Object to Destruction of Longham Green Belt

A big Thank-you to Dan! He produced this excellent primer on how to object to the outrageous Local Plan proposal that would lead to the destruction of Longham Green Belt. Dan has provided a PDF (Here) and a Docx file (Here)  So why not print it off and give a copy to the neighbours? Most people do not even know this consultation is going on! Together we can change that. And save the Longham Green Belt.

Here’s the contents of Dan’s primer

Hi, if you disagree with latest local development proposals…

We are able to comment on consultation up until 15 March.

Voicing your objection is quick and easy.

Go to: and select “View and Comment”.

Once you’ve selected the location of “Ferndown & West Parley”, scroll down to:

Longham Green belt loss
“Policy FERN7: Land off Angel Lane North of Ham Lane”

“Policy FERN10: Land west and south of Longham Roundabouts”

then you can add your objections/comments.
Please also copy and paste all your comments and put together an email to:
copy email to:
(Make sure you quote the policy names from above in your email)

They’d want to hear your own thoughts, but a few examples of possible issues:

  • Adverse effect on the residential amenity of neighbours, by reason of (among other factors) noise, disturbance, overlooking, loss of privacy, overshadowing, etc.
  • Unacceptably high density / over-development of the site, especially where it involves the open aspect of the neighbourhood.
  • Visual impact of the development.
  • Effect of the development on the character of the neighbourhood.
  • Density of proposed housing.
  • The proposed development is over-bearing, out-of-scale or out of character in terms of its appearance compared with existing development in the vicinity.
  • The loss of existing views from neighbouring properties would adversely affect the residential amenity of neighbouring owners.
  • The development would adversely affect highway safety and the convenience of road users [back up with specific reasons].
  • The adverse effect of the development on the character and appearance of the natural area.
  • Adverse effect of the development so near to Longham Church, which is a Listed Building.


  1. Marion Lock Marion Lock March 2, 2021

    1st. March, 2021. My husband and I have just received notification of the proposed building of 700 houses on Green Belt land at Dudsbury Golf Course. This gives us just about a fortnight to register our strongest objection to this proposal and also the proposal to build 400 houses on land off Angel Lane – North of Ham Lane. These two sites are in Green Belt designated land separating Bournemouth Borough Council from the more rural areas of Longham Village and West Parley. Not only will these two Green Belt areas be desecrated. but 320 houses on land east of New Road add to this effect. Traffic densities on New Road, the A348, on Christchurch Road and Ham Lane
    are already far too great, schools, surgeries, the Sports Centre and recreation areas over-subscribed. [Name and Address supplied. Removed by webmaster to prevent the author being spammed]

  2. Melanie Gibbons Melanie Gibbons March 6, 2021

    I would like to also agree that the proposals of housing for the Longham and Parley area are far too great and will effectively make the area part of the Bournemouth/Poole conurbation. We need buffer areas and green spaces not only for wildlife but also for people’s health and recreation. Leave too little and bring in too many people and the few places left will be completely over run and trampled. The river in particular needs a green corridor buffer so I am particularly concerned that there are proposals to build on Dudsbury golf course. All these proposals will more than double the existing places and put pressure on the existing services and roads. This may seem like an easy area to develop, being close to the conurbation but where next? Will developers have their sights next on developing all the way along Ham lane to the Wimborne by-pass?? Green belt needs to be conserved for the good of all, otherwise it’s a slippery slope, which is why it was designated in the first place. Please think again about the number and size of the proposals and particularly, Dudsbury golf course.

  3. k Rawlings k Rawlings March 8, 2021

    We are outraged by this proposal, having myself lived in Ferndown all my life (i am 57yrs old now) Ferndown, Parley, Longham, and West Moors has become so congested and every part of it has been turned into or plans have been drawn for more housing or flats. The extra footfall in the area and the impact of the extra traffic has become detrimental to the towns and surrounding areas. The infrastructure cannot cope as it is, without this appalling and unworkable amount of extra housing. Where will these people go for schools/doctors/dentists and parking! Not forgetting the impact on our wildlife which seems to have no importance in any decisions made. Ferndown common is presently being desecrated by workers where once you could walk to enjoy the local wildlife whereas now it is like the aftermath of an apocalypse! Please consider the Ferndown residents and their opposition to this to safeguard our town and surrounding network.

  4. Lyn Ovens Lyn Ovens March 20, 2021

    Lets consider the facts, Ferndown Common is ‘managed’ by ARC. Trouble is it now looks like a world war one battlefield. Monster machines pounding across the area, if there was
    any ‘wildlife’ there is not now, must be all flattened. I take it that after the bad fire it needs a fire break, but not turn the whole common into one. What poor soil there was has all been scraped up into banks, not likely that there will be any heather to re-generate! All the original footpaths turned into swamps, nowhere for the linnets and dartford warblers
    to nest. Thanks ARC, you have just shown how NOT to look after a common.

  5. Lyn Ovens Lyn Ovens March 21, 2021

    Third time of trying to post a comment about the devastation done to Ferndown Common
    by ARC. Looks like a third world battlefield. Hope they are proud of what they have done.
    Will take years to recover.

  6. Susan Jeff Susan Jeff May 10, 2021

    Although I don’t live in ferndown I live ton the hill towards wallisdown . We already get the noise from aircraft and when the wind blows in our direction smell fumes so to put an incinerator in the area would be devastating to the environment overall . More flies , more smell and just as the area at canford SANG is being enhanced and Throop ,to encourage wildlife put an incinerator in the area . Crazy . There are many areas well away from residential and nature areas , to review .

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