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Public Consultation: Dorset Local Plan

Dorset Council have a new draft Dorset Local Plan. They have just put it out for public consultation. The local plan is the strategic planning document that will will control housing and industrial developments within Dorset for the next 17 years. This includes Ferndown and West Parley. The plan covers the period through to 2038. Although the final draft will not be approved until 2022 it will retrospectively cover 2021 as well.

It is important that people read some (if not all!) of the documentation and make comments as appropriate. The ability to comment is easily achieved through an on-line form although if you prefer, written submissions are also taken.

Ferndown and West Parley

As far as we can tell, the main document affecting potential housing and industrial development within Ferndown and West Parley is THIS DOCUMENT. Particularly see Section 11 page 41 onwards.

The full document set is available HERE ( the highlighted document above is actually the second document in the list). The full document set covers the whole of Dorset. As a consequence it is very large.

The first document within the document set gives an introduction to the Local Plan and also outlines housing development supply. It features Ferndown/West Parley as the largest (by far) contributor to new housing development within South Eastern Dorset.

So if you have not come across local plans before it may well be worth having a quick skim of the introductory document. It is a good way to acquaint yourself with what the Local Plan is all about. This introductory document is directly available on THIS LINK.

Consultation Duration

The consultation runs from now until 15th March 2021.

The form for presenting comments to the council is available on THIS LINK. The form is interactive and (I believe) you can pick it up and put it down. Your partially completed response will be saved over each session and you can use as many sessions to complete the consultation as you like. The amount you add to the consultation is up to you. You can comment on as many sections as you like. You can modify/erase/add to your response at any time until submitted.

While the Local Plan will probably be updated after every 5 years, the broad brush approach will be set by this document until 2038. So it is important that everyone has an input.

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