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Covid19 Information: Bypassing the Main Stream Media

Many people are feeling a little disenchanted with the main stream media (MSM) and their reporting of the Covid19 crisis. It often feels like some journalists/presenters are more interested in making a drama out of a crisis rather than providing people with the Covid19 information that they need.

You can however completely bypass the MSM. Instead get the latest government Covid19 information delivered directly to your email inbox. You can set the delivery to be on a daily, weekly or even an hourly interval if you so wish.

While this Covid19 information is purely what the government wants to present and so lacks any third party analysis, it also lacks opinionated MSM interpretation as well.

If you would like to sign up to receive the government email click the link HERE.
All you need is a valid email address. You can select how often you receive the email in the sign up process.

For further information on local Dorset action against this virus, Dorset Council have a dedicated and regularly updated page HERE. It in turn links to many other pages. Each page tackles a dedicated topic and is a mine of information. We first reported on this new Dorset Council initiative HERE but even in the short period of time since then the data was improved and increased.

Dorset Council also have two new warning two posters. They are designed to warn visitors that the person is either self isolating or has a compromised immune system and so will not answer the door.

Covid19 Information Posters

The posters are available as PDF’s. The posters are A4 in size and look like the images below. Download the PDF from the links below and then print it out.

Covid19 information: self-isolation poster

Covid19 information: weak immune system poster








The Self-Isolating Poster is HERE

The Weak-Immune Poster is HERE

Remember to stay safe and keep your distance.

Keep washing your hands!

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