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Covid19 Virus: Dorset Action

The unprecedented actions taken by central government to control and contain the covid19 virus have left many people floundering for further information. There is also a considerable number of people who would like to lend a hand in defeating the virus. We are all very concerned for our more vulnerable residents and I am sure many would like to help out in whatever way they can. But until now little coordinated information has been available.

self-isolation posterNow Dorset Council has set up a webpage specifically aimed at combating the Covid19 virus on THIS LINK. This webpage gives guidance on a number of areas that have been impacted by the virus. The page also provides useful information of services that have had to change due to the virus.

There is also a link to a useful poster warning those approaching your house that you are self isolating. (like the image on the left in this post) If you would like to print off a copy for yourself then a direct link to it is HERE.

But the whole Dorset Council webpage contains much useful information and is highly recommended.

Volunteer to Fight the Covid19 Virus

Towards the bottom of the page there is a link to Dorset Volunteering Centre where those interested in helping their communities can sign up.

Have a look. A direct link is HERE:

Hopefully there will be a number of community groups set up in Ferndown to see us through this dreadful virus. If you have already set one up (Good for you!) then there is also a link to register your group. The idea is that the groups and individual volunteers will get some coordination and resources from a central source which feels like a good idea. The community group sign-up link is the second one on this page.

Remember to stay safe and follow the governments guidelines. We will keep you informed of any new information we come across.

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