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Proposed Rambles in Ferndown. Route One

Unfortunately due to the Corona virus problem it is inadvisable for group activities to take place. So with regret the Ferndown rambles will be put on hold. When we get the all-clear then they will recommence.  We will leave the routes and ramble descriptions here so you know there is something to look forward to!

Have you ever fancied taking a few rambles in Ferndown?

A couple of knowledgeable SFRA members have thought out some routes that will take ramblers through areas of Ferndown often not seen or appreciated by local folk.

Both routes start and end at the Angel Inn. (for obvious reasons!) Both routes are fairly flat and although thee may be areas of muddiness, depending on the recent weather, in our opinion the they are capable of being walked by anyone with a stout pair of shoes.

Route One

Route one of the proposed rambles in Ferndown takes the rambler down through Pompeys Lane and past some of the local Ferndown badgers sets. Although it is unlikely that people will see the the badgers on the route (they are nocturnal) it should prove interesting to see the area inhabited by these wonderful animals.

Ferndown Walking Route 1

The walk will also take us down through the Longham Lakes (or Longham Reservoirs as they are officially described).

From the lakes the walk continues to the near the Bridge House Hotel and then up along the Stour Valley Way and finally through Poor Common and back to the Angel Inn.

The proposal is that an informal group should arrange a date (probably in early April) for the walk.

Everyone is welcome.

Please note these walks are in essence arranged as an informal gathering of a group of friends (that includes you!). You join in at your own risk. There is no cost, no commitment, no guarantees and no liability. It is entirely up to you whether you tag along or not on that basis.

If you are interested in such a ramble why not email the SFRA at:

Set the subject of your email to “Informal Walk One”. Let us know who you are and we will get back to you with the date(s) nearer the time.

The route for Informal Walk Two will be in the next (or nearly next) post.

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