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Tesco Removes Parking Restrictions

After lobbying from Ferndown Town Council Tesco has reversed its decision to implement parking restrictions on the multi-storey car park in central Ferndown.

After a number of incidents where the car park was used in an antisocial manner after hours, Tesco had implemented a three hour limit on the car park during opening hours and a 15 minute limit at other times to deter this illegal use.

While all of the community has a level of sympathy with the intention to deter anti-social usage of the car park, the impact on the town and the surrounding streets would have been severe. Many people who rely on the car park would have been forced to park in side roads instead.

The removal of these parking restrictions is a good outcome. But still does not address the anti-social usage of the car park out of hours. In the past it has been used as a virtual race-track. On one occasion it attracted 150 cars from out of town for illegal displays.

We in the SFRA would like to congratulate Ferndown Town Council for contacting Tescos over this issue. We would also we would like to express our gratitude to Tescos for listening.

This is a difficult issue. We all appreciate that the intention on imposing these restrictions was an honest one. But the collateral damage to the community would have been unacceptable.

This is an issue that needs discussion and debate as to the best way forward. Everyone appreciates that illegal car shows are detrimental to both Tesco’s and the community.

We need to jointly figure out the best way to progress this issue. We need to ensure that parking in central Ferndown remains both safe and freely available to the community.

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