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Tesco Parking Restrictions Introduced!

Major concern for local residents

You may not have noticed but Tesco have introduced parking restrictions at their Penny’s Walk store .  The restriction will be policed by security personnel.

It is apparently intended to prevent undesirable behaviour at night by a few younger drivers in cars and on motorcycles who tend to use it as a meeting ground to show off their “skills” to their pals. A further consequence is that of “fast food” litter being throw out onto the floor.

This restriction will have a significant impact on those local workers that use the carpark to park in during the day.  The knock-on effect being that of forcing them to search for spaces in nearby roads during the day.

This will be a major concern for local residents  and can only add to their frustration as many already struggle to park near their homes at times.

Dorset County Councillors are on the case so we will have to wait and see what happens .

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