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The Chairman’s Still Breathing

I am sure you all are delighted that Jim Bellamy the chairman of South Ferndown Residents Association is actually still breathing.

I most certainly am.
He owes me a tenner.

But that actually is not what the title refers to.

Jim Bellamy as many know, is a guitarist of much accomplishment. He has been playing in rock bands since before the Wright Brothers first took to the air at Kitty Hawk.

“Still Breathing” is the name of the Chairman’s current band.

The members of “Still Breathing” are all accomplished musicians. Though some would suggest that they are also a desperate set of cut-throats. Many would argue they make your average biker gang look like a bunch of cissys.

Arguably the members of “Still Breathing” pay even less attention to Jim than the sober and upright members of the South Ferndown Residents Association committee.

But together “Still Breathing” make the finest of fine rock music. It will get your feet tapping and your dentures clicking.

Jim and his band will be playing this coming Friday (11th October 2019) at the Meeting Hall in Ringwood.

(22 Meeting House Ln, Ringwood BH24 1EY phone: 01425 480656)

All proceeds will go to the MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT & BREAST CANCER SUPPORT charity.

Still Breathing will start playing at 7:30pm. Prompt. (No Prima-Donnas here!) and as long as the police don’t get called, will play through to 9:30pm.

Tickets are £7:00 on the door.

Be there or be an octagon.

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