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Another Path Cleared!

So far this year Dorset Council rangers, assisted by many local volunteers has had great success in clearing local paths especially those belonging to the Stour Valley Way. These paths are local rights of way and if they are left to decline, become blocked and disused. The rights of way fail.

blocked path
The path behind the Kings Arms. Blocked and impassable

Back in July, the path from Longham Bridge through to to West Parley (near the Guide camp) was successfully cleared and the rights of way restored. On Tuesday the 27th August a group of Rights of Way volunteers organised by our Dorset Council Rangers Team continued the good work by clearing the path from behind the Kings Arms Public house that should lead onto the Longham lakes.The path was blocked in a number of locations and was essentially unusable. But that was before the volunteers began work.

The Rangers provided tools, gloves and the most necessary implement – tea! The group began their work at 10:30 and continued through to 3pm. By the end of the day the path had been restored to full functionality.

cleared path
The path after the hard work on Tuesday. Cleared and functional

It is so important that these paths are maintained. If they are left then they fall into disuse and eventually they get abandoned.

If you are aware of a path that has either fallen into disuse or has become blocked (or otherwise needs work) please contact Councillor Willis by email at

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