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GREAT NEWS!! Ringwood Road – Extension of 30 mph Zone

Great news for residents!

The 30mph speed limit extension on Ringwood Road, Ferndown will go “live” and be enforceable from Friday 20 September 2019.

This means that the 30mph speed limit, at its western point, will now start by the lay-by at the otherside of the Angel Inn towards Haskins garden Centre.

The schedule of works is:

  1. 2 September – The two sign posts required for the two new lit terminal signs will beinstalled (the plates either be left off or bagged over until 20th September).
  2. 10th – 13th September – Trenching and cable works for the new lit terminal signs.
  3. 20th September – Removal of existing lit terminal signs and new speed plates in situ.
  4. The sign shop staff at Dorset Council will be removing the 40mph repeater signs that are no longer required and also erecting two new camera/30mph warning signs.

Eventually, budgets permitting, it is hoped to extend the zone to the mini-roundabouts.

Nevertheless this is a great start.

Thanks are due not only to those residents that campaigned for the change and to the Councillors that supported it but also importantly to the Highways Department for listening, doing the research and finding the budget to implement it.


  1. David W. David W. August 28, 2019

    This is excellent news. It will reduce noise and particularly once the traffic queues are gone after the commuter times and daytime traffic jams. Would welcome this be extended to Longham from the bridge to the Dudsbury golf club at least if not all the to Parley Cross. Good work by all involved and money well spent.

    • Mandy Willis Mandy Willis September 4, 2019

      We are working to ensure that when the Longham roundabouts work is planned it includes a reduction in the speed limit on Ringwood Road down to the bridge and along Ham Lane and Christchurch Road either side of the roundabouts.

  2. Jeffrey Richardson Jeffrey Richardson August 29, 2019

    Excellent news, now, if something similar could be done about Ham Lane…

  3. Tim Anderson Tim Anderson September 24, 2019

    This has been terribly managed! Where are the signs warning drivers that the limit has been lowered after the Church road lights? Surely it isn’t legal to just remove the 40 signs and expect us to know they’ve changed it.

    • Robert Jamieson Robert Jamieson October 2, 2019

      Why do you need a sign? It is a 30 mph zone, as indicated by the street lights. Just drive at 30mph until you see a sign that tells you otherwise.

  4. Bill Rees Bill Rees October 1, 2019

    Hi Tim,
    Subsequent to your comment, Gary contacted Dorset Highways about your observations and you are right. There are problems with the implementation. It looks like Dorset Highways are being pro-active about addressing these issues so hopefully they will be resolved soon.

    We have published the letter received back (along with your triggering comment) and posted them in an update to this article that can be found on this link:
    Link to 30mph Speed Limit – More News

    Hope that helps.

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