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Dorset Council Decides on West Parley Development

A Dorset Council (DCC) Planning meeting was held on the 31/07/19. Its purpose was  to approve the large West Parley development on former Green Belt land. The meeting was attended by over 100 members of the public.

Bearing in mind the meeting was held at 2pm on a working day with less than two working weeks notice, the number shows the concern within the local community over this matter.

During the public participation period many voices were raised against the development. Very few spoke for it.

There were several passionate opposition speeches. SFRA member Keith Heron’s speech stood out. Keiths speech encapsulated the feelings of the audience and met with significant applause at the end of his delivery.

Speeches were strictly limited to 3 minutes and the public were not allowed to make comments or ask questions outside of the public period. Only those who had registered to speak in the one week period after the poorly publicized announcement of the meeting agenda were allowed to speak.

Steve Savage from the Highways department stated he had recommended that the relief road should be built as the development progressed. A figure of 50% completion was mentioned for work to start on this relief road.

There is a cost of £2m for this relief road which will be paid (eventually) by Wyatts. The money will initially be loaned to them by DCC. (i.e. by council tax payers)

Mr Savage said that he had used the latest traffic modelling tools and was confident that the redesign of Parley lights and the relief road would alleviate the additional traffic and even reduce the current load. He also had built in the expansion at the airport into his calculations.

Mr Savage in our opinion was the most convincing of those from the Council. Although many in the audience were not won over by his arguments. However there are few that do not believe that the Council must address the traffic chaos at West Parley.

Incredibly the proposal allows for a supermarket on site. The size of this supermarket would be slightly smaller than Waitrose in Wimborne. This of course, is to be built on land that was Green Belt.

It was stated that research by Wyatt’s and the Council indicated that new supermarket would not have a negative effect on the supermarkets that already service the area. Namely Tesco, Sainsburys, Lidls, M&S  and the 3 local Tesco Express’s.

This was met with groans of disbelief and cries of derision  from the audience.

From the view of the SFRA it is difficult to see such a decision as rational.

You simply do not need a new super market (built on Green Belt Land!) for an extra 386 homes. It has to draw business from the others.

Yet the audience was told that the proposal and the site met with all of the criteria required for it to get approval.

The meeting continued for over 4 hours and did not end until 18:30, by which time many of those in attendance had given up in despair.

We have been informed that despite the clear and virtually unanimous opposition from the community, the scheme was approved.

It is unknown as to whether this was a recorded vote.

In the unlikely event that is was a recorded vote (i.e. not anonymous) then we will at least know at whose door to lay this desecration of the English countryside.

Along with many other community groups within Ferndown and West Parley the SFRA will not let this matter be forgotten. Recorded vote or not.

Those who have ignored their electorate and gone out of their way to allow the ruin of this vital section of Green Belt will be publicly held to account during the next council election debates.

Meanwhile the English Countryside and a small village within it, brace themselves for the coming nightmare.


  1. M. Smith M. Smith August 4, 2019

    Thank you for all your hard work, we will keep supporting you when the voice of the everyday person is not heard by those in power and with money.

  2. David W. David W. August 28, 2019

    This is an immoral abuse of power by local authority who will be paid handsomely in council tax each and every year from completion until destruction of these properties. Business rates will flow in from the supermarket that will steal customers from other stores that are sufficient enough to serve another 1500 people and a lot more between them. The new Holmewood Estate is not nice in places and With Ridgeway and this one we are losing the reason that the area was nice. Golf Links Road is overdeveloped, congested with parking and wrecked by flats. The Dormy Hotel replaced with nice houses but there are little pockets of infill depravation so unattractive that they have fenced it off from view with 2mtr fence. West Parley burglary spate was the work of “Mr Knife siege” perpetrator recently moved into social housing on Coppins. Personally I like where I live but don’t want to lose my greenbelt and I am concerned primarily with my comfort and enjoyments in my area. That is why I purchased a used existing home here. Some will say NIMBY – I will answer – Jealous. Others say SELFISH – I will say – yes, if it attacks my quality of life. The housing market is in a slump and the only real need is “affordable”. I work really hard to earn enough money and the right to live in a nice area and I don’t want to see it wrecked. If it continues I am happy to move elsewhere deeper into rural Dorset or Devon. Some will say GOOD RIDDANCE – I will say – I hope same happens to you one day because you don’t live near me yet so why comment. Developers are unconcerned about welfare, traffic or people. Can’t even provide infrastructure first and have to borrow the money from the daft council who will probably never see it repaid as they will offset in in “contribution” it will only be one years new council tax lost from the development. Sad when the local village residents are unanimous in objecting that this gets passed by a handful of people who don’t live in West Parley because they can and they are sweet-talked and schmused by Taylor Wimpy and their team of robber barons. Don’t canvass me in any election if you voted this in Mr or Mrs Councillor because I will be very rude to you because you personally disgust me.

  3. A Wilson A Wilson August 30, 2019

    I cannot believe this has passed. I live in West Parley and traffic is already bad. Where is this so called relief road going to end up. On the mini roundabouts at Longham and then snarl up even more on the awful Canford Bottom roundabout. No one will be going anywhere. Why more unaffordable houses? The Bellway homes are still up for sale after years of them being built. Not affordable to people who have been born here. Also the poor wages in this area. No new infastructure but it doesnt matter that the schools are oversubscribed and doctors are overwhelmed and good luck finding an nhs dentist. We DONT need another supermarket I bet half of these houses dont get sold. Every piece of land is being sold off here. Look at the amount of houses going up in Wimborne and Bear Cross Those areas will soon be car parks. And no one will be able to get from A-B. I I have lived in the Ferndown area all my life but I am really starting to hate it. My family lived in Wimborne for generations and now my children cannot get on the housing ladder where they were brought up and have to rent rooms for extortionate amounts. Its disgusting. Its greed by the developers. They dont have to live here and they dont have a clue

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