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Stour Valley Way – Clearing the Paths

Stour Valley Way Volunteers
The volunteers prepare for action

On a beautiful sunny day fifteen or so volunteers led by Rangers and council staff descended on the stretch of the Stour Valley way between Longham and Parley Cross. The main area stretched from just behind the Bridge House Hotel and then on up to the rise up to the lane leading to the Guide Camp.


Stour valley Way Path clearance
A member of the Rangers team clears the path

The area had been overtaken by vegetation (mostly stinging nettles) that needed to be cleared. The mowing machine went through first and then the volunteers followed through by removing overhanging nettles and other vegetation.

Stour Valley Way litter pickers
Councillor Mandy Willis and two litter-picking compatriots. Armed and dangerous.

One of the main tasks though was the removal of litter. Surprisingly (shockingly?) our three litter pickers each managed to accumulate an almost full bag of rubbish by the end of the session. Cans, bottles and even an old broken fishing rod featured in the pile.


The Beautiful Stour Valley Way

Clearly this area is one of beauty and needs to be protected. It should also made accessible to those who like to get up close to nature. Few know the beauties of this stretch of the Stour Valley Way.

Maybe it would be a good idea to try and enhance access. Beautiful as this river is, few lengths can actually match that around Longham.

Stour Valley Way Water fall
The Stour Valley Way as it should be seen.

Meanwhile the volunteers will be out again soon. Ensuring that this major asset to the community (as well as the wider population) is kept clean and usable.

We will keep you informed. Here’s the last notice we put out. Stour Valley Way Volunteers Needed – Tuesday 16th July

We will do the same when the time comes for the next session.

The Stour Valley Way is actually 62 miles long and stretches from Stourhead in Wiltshire right the way down to the tip of Mudeford Sandspit. More information on the Stour Valley Way can be found on Stour valley Way website.


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