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Ferndown Badgers – with cubs!

Our Ferndown Badgers came the other night and brought along this years cubs to introduce them to our location and the night time treats.

Mating takes place between February and May, with implantation delayed until late winter. Normally only one female badger in the group breeds, although occasionally two or more may do so.

Litters of 2-3 cubs are born around February blind and hairless in the safety of the nest. They usually appear above ground at around 8 weeks, and weaning usually takes about 12 weeks.

So these are probably around 3 months old. By late summer they are usually feeding independently, we are not sure on their sex but they appear healthy,very lively and playful!

Here’s a link to an earlier post with video just featuring the adult Badgers.

Video of Badgers in Angel Lane Ferndown

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