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Stour Valley Way Volunteers Needed – Tuesday 16th July

Update 17th July:
With beautiful weather assisting us, a group of about 15 volunteers from Ferndown and from further afield made a big positive impact on the Stour Vallay Way path. Stinging nettles had effectively blocked most of the way from Longham through to West Parley. That has now been fixed. Pictures and more details will follow in a new post in days to come.
Local Councillor Mandy Willis is asking for our help.
“As part of my work on the natural environment I have been working with Dorset Council to get our local footpaths cleared.
Stour valley Way
The Stour Valley Way. This is what it should look like.

The Stour Valley Way behind the Bridge House is particularly bad so that’s my first target, to this end Dorset Council have arranged for their Rights of Way volunteer group to do the work next Tuesday and I would like to reach out to the residents to see if we can get members of our community involved.

On Tuesday the 16th July a group of Rights of Way volunteers organised by Dorset Council will be clearing the Stour Valley Way footpath from the Bridge House though to Dudsbury Rings.
Dorset Council Rangers will supply tools, gloves, tea and biscuits and will supervise the work. The more volunteers we can get the more we can get done and if we get enough we will aim to clear all the way through to Parley. The group will start at 10:30 and finish at 3pm.
If you are able to spare some time and would like to be involved please let us know so that we can make sure we have enough tools for everyone.
If you can help at all please email Mandy as she will be delighted to hear from you –
More information on the Stour Valley Way is available on This LINK

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