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South Ferndown Residents Association


How to Object to Destruction of Longham Green Belt

A big Thank-you to Dan! He produced this excellent primer on how to object to the outrageous Local Plan proposal that would lead to the destruction of Longham Green Belt. Dan has provided a PDF (Here) and a Docx file (Here)  So why not print it off and give a copy to the neighbours? Most people do not even know this consultation is going on! Together we can change that. And save the Longham Green Belt.

Here’s the contents of Dan’s primer

Hi, if you disagree with latest local development proposals…

We are able to comment on consultation up until 15 March.

Voicing your objection is quick and easy.

Go to: and select “View and Comment”.

Once you’ve selected the location of “Ferndown & West Parley”, scroll down to:

Longham Green belt loss
“Policy FERN7: Land off Angel Lane North of Ham Lane”

“Policy FERN10: Land west and south of Longham Roundabouts”

then you can add your objections/comments.
Please also copy and paste all your comments and put together an email to:
copy email to:
(Make sure you quote the policy names from above in your email)

They’d want to hear your own thoughts, but a few examples of possible issues:

  • Adverse effect on the residential amenity of neighbours, by reason of (among other factors) noise, disturbance, overlooking, loss of privacy, overshadowing, etc.
  • Unacceptably high density / over-development of the site, especially where it involves the open aspect of the neighbourhood.
  • Visual impact of the development.
  • Effect of the development on the character of the neighbourhood.
  • Density of proposed housing.
  • The proposed development is over-bearing, out-of-scale or out of character in terms of its appearance compared with existing development in the vicinity.
  • The loss of existing views from neighbouring properties would adversely affect the residential amenity of neighbouring owners.
  • The development would adversely affect highway safety and the convenience of road users [back up with specific reasons].
  • The adverse effect of the development on the character and appearance of the natural area.
  • Adverse effect of the development so near to Longham Church, which is a Listed Building.

The Dorset Local Plan – The view of a local resident.

Many people are highly concerned about the new draft Dorset Local Plan. We received this email from a local resident who lives a little outside our direct area. Like us, he has been left aghast at what is being pushed forward in this plan. Here is his letter in full.

Remember you only have until the 15th March to respond to the consultation. More information on how to respond is in this post and this post

Don’t leave it to the last minute!

Hi there

I have just been on your website and applaud what you are doing in terms of the resistance to the ‘Dorset Local Plan’ with particular reference to the ‘exceptional circumstances’ and I will definitely support you in this fight.

In addition to this activity, I wish to point to another part of the overall Dorset Local Plan which you have not mentioned but which I and I am sure many others feel is also undesirable. That is the proposed Gypsy and Traveller site for Blunts Farm, Wimborne, the details of which can be found on the following link: – where I would draw you attention to page 56, clause 11.5.28 which refers to a Traveller Site and this is clearly marked on the map on page 59 of the same document.

This proposed site is further detailed in the next document: where it refers to the said site on page 25 ref GT/WIMI/002 and shows it more clearly on the map on page 39.

As far as I am aware, this site has been previously proposed and was strongly objected to and as a result refused. I see no reason why it should be allowed to proceed now for all the previous and existing arguments against it. I would therefore ask the Ferndown Residents organization to extend their resistance activity to include this proposed site which seems to have been stealthily slipped in by Dorset Council in the hope they can get it through this time. No way! We can be successful in resisting such sites as the following Institute of Race Relations website demonstrates :  I feel that if you highlight this proposed Travellers Site as well as the housing sites at Longham and Dudsbury, you will get even more support as I feel assured that some people will not necessarily respond to the threat of increased housing, but will to having gypsies and travellers on their doorstep.  

Further to this point, I would also ask that you extend your attention and proposed resistance to include the proposal to increase the footprint of the Ferndown and Uddens Trading Estate (F&UTE). As you will note from the Dorset Local  Plan this is to be significantly increased to add to what is already acknowledged as the ‘largest single employment site in Dorset’. The existing infrastructure and roads surrounding F&UTE is already creaking and insufficient to deal with the current level of traffic, with roads such as Stapehill Road already completely overloaded by traffic wishing to bypass the woefully inadequate Canford Bottom Roundabout making it into a death trap for all non-motorised road users. Increasing F&UTE would put further and unrealistic traffic loads onto the infrastructure creating more pollution, congestion and misery for the Ferndown residents.

As you can see, I feel very strongly about these proposed plans and the negative impact they will have on the area. As such, I am more than willing to take a more active role in helping your organisation fight these proposals and would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further.

From A Concerned Local Resident – Stapehill Road

A full name and address has been supplied

Overall Crime Continues To Drop For Dorset Police

Dorset AlertDorset Police has seen a 6.1 per cent drop in recorded crime, according to new figures released on Wednesday 3 February 2021.

Data released by the Office for National Statistics, shows the Force has continued to see a drop in overall crime for the third consecutive quarter.

In early 2020 Dorset Police received a ‘Good’ grading from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) for accurate crime recording, which means the reduction of 6.1 per cent during the 12 months to the end of September 2020 is a real reduction, and gives us the ninth lowest crime rate in England and Wales.

A reduction within some crime types has very likely been impacted by COVID-19 and national restrictions requiring people to stay home during the first lockdown. Even with some crime returning to expected levels during the summer months, the overall reduction enabled the Force to proactively focus on the crimes that affect the most vulnerable members of our communities, such as domestic abuse, child sexual exploitation and county lines.

Deputy Chief Constable Scott Chilton said Dorset remains one of the safest counties in the country to live and visit.

He continued: “2020 was an unprecedented and difficult year for everyone. National lockdown restrictions meant that while overall crime fell in Dorset, our officers and staff faced new challenges in enforcing Government stay at home guidelines. Our excellent officers and police staff not only rose to this challenge, but they also ensured business as usual was maintained. Crimes continued to be investigated so that offenders could be brought to justice and our communities were kept safe.

“All crime matters to our communities and we will maintain our focus on providing an outstanding service to the people of Dorset, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

“Reducing crime is important to everyone and I hope this latest reduction will help to reassure our communities that we are working with them and our partners to focus on what matters.”

The total number of crimes reduced from 54,387 to 51,088 over the 12-month period, a reduction of 4.3 crimes per 1,000 population.

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill said: “Dorset residents should be greatly reassured by these figures which demonstrate once again that not only do they live in one of the UK’s safest counties, but one in which crime levels are continuing to fall.

“I’d like to praise all our dedicated officers, staff members and volunteers who have worked so hard through this incredibly difficult period to make sure our residents continue to be kept safe.”

Message Sent By
Julie Heath (Dorset Police, Neighbourhood Alert Officer, Dorset)